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I'm new to XP11.  May have missed an important setting.  I replayed a flight, the C-172 flew the route perfectly, but there was no display on any of the flight instruments.  Can anyone help?  Thanks

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I tried this out and I could not reproduce this. In my replay with the default C172, the altimeter, altitude, VSI, etc all moved the same way they had in the original flight.

Please check to see if you have plugins installed that could be interfering with it. If you saved a copy of the replay (instead of just reviewing it in the sim at the time) try attaching the file for me to try the exact same things as well.
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Thanks jroberts.  I finally found the replay file and I will attach it--let's see what you see!

I don't know what plug-ins would be the culprit.  During the sim session all my gauges work properly.


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I also don't see the gauges moving in your replay. I guess that's not surprising though because a replay is like an X-Plane specific movie. ;)

 Does this happen with every one you make? Is it tied to a specific aircraft or location? Have you found any consistent variables?

If it seems to happen with every one, please try removing all add ons to see if it fixes it. Any plugin or combination could be a culprit.
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Thanks again.  I'll play around, now I have a new video card today!

How do you remove add-ons?  What's that procedure?
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You would have to move them out of the X-Plane folder or subfolders they may be in. I haven't seen a copy of the log.txt to see if you have any installed so it's just a guess as it's pretty common for people to have third party scenery, aircraft, or plugins.