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edited by  I am new to X-Plane. So I am doubtful if I have missed out some settings.

Cockpit instrument panels do not show correct values/ or they are freeze when I tried  to replay fdr file samples provided in the 'replays' folder (Examples: test_flight_737.fdr, test_flight_747.fdr and so on. Parameters do not work include Altitude, Airspeed, Heading, Roll, Pitch etc.).  Sample files created following FDR file formats definitions are also not working as expected. External views match perfectly with input data, but instrument panels do not reflect actual values.

Platform : X-Plane version 11, Windows 7.

Thanks in advance for your support.

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I'm experiencing frozen instrument panels during replay as well.  About 8m before the end of a 54m replay, the instruments unfreeze and resume playing back as normal.  Since the beginning of the replay the instruments had been stuck in the position they unfroze at 8m before replay termination.

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