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I have just installed latest version x plane 11. Although new to this program I am used to flight sims FSX and P3D.

In setting up the joystick I find that "top left hat switch" and "throttle finger hat switch" have only 4 assignments allowed, all of which I find useless to me.

I have searched the web without a solution.

Is there a solution or is this the way  x plane is ?. I sincerely hope not.

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This was a bug introduced in the 11.01 update and will be fixed in 11.02 (currently in beta). If you would like to get it now, you can start the installer, pick the option to update, and check the box to get betas to get 11.02 before it is considered "final". We have at least one more update for it planned.
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Thanks for quick reply.

I will try the beta as suggested.

After using the joystick for many years it's just to much trouble to relearn new assignments on it at the same time as I struggle with the foibles of a new simulator.