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Error message is: "compressed file: /run/media/brassh/XPLANE11/X-Plane 11/directory.txt.zip"

It may be a simple path error in the installer. The installer searches for the file "directory.txt.zip" under "/run/media/brassh/XPLANE11/X-Plane 11/directory.txt.zip" while the correct path is "/run/media/brassh/XPLANE11/x-plane 11/directory.txt.zip"

Has anyone a clue how to solve this?

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found it myself: this seems to be a well known bug, see

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the bug is well-known but the Installer on dropbox (Installer-86_64 of April)

doesn't solve it ( same trouble today )

in fact the correct path is "/media/ media name/directorytxt.zip" (without "." between directory and txt on my dvd.

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