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About a year ago, I downloaded X-Plane 10 for iOS and bought the "all planes" DLC package. Today, I re-downloaded the game to my iPhone and iPad and attempted to restore my purchase, but the "restore purchases" button in the app settings does nothing when I press it, and all of the paid planes are still locked. I am signed into the same Apple ID I used to make the purchase, and I have tried restarting the app as well as my devices. I am running X-Plane 10.5.0 on iOS 10.3.2.
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There has never been a package to buy all planes for X-Plane 10 mobile. Perhaps you are thinking of X-Plane 9 mobile? This app has been removed from the Apple App store so there is no way to restore X-Plane 9 purchases unless you made a back up of your device at the time you had it installed.
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It turns out I'm actually thinking of an entirely different (but similar in appearance) flight simulator for iOS. The purchases I actually made in X-Plane are restoring fine. Sorry!