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After the update to 10.3.0, X-Plane has been having problems:

  • generally feels very 'laggy' or 'heavy' : plane responds slowly and 'heavily' to the primary flight controls (i.e.; tilting to fly the plane);
  • the stall warning buzzer sounds very odd: it has the effect of the sound being played very slowly (as if from a tape or vinyl being started slowly), trying to get up to the right speed, and then slowing right down again.


  • start X-Plane 10. Settings:
    • default Cessna 172
    • fine, no wind, 3.5 sm visibility
    • location Hawaii
  • takeoff and fly around. Slowness / laggy feel is readily apparent.
  • invoke a stall. Odd stall sound is readily apparent.

Tried rebooting the phone ; no effect.

Downloaded X-Plane 10 to the same iPhone on 24th July 2015, and it has always worked perfectly. It was definitely working properly on Sunday 21st August 2016.

Phone shows date of update to 10.3.0 as August 26th.

The iOS 9.3.5 update was installed as soon as it was available (would have been installed on 25 Aug), i.e. a day after the X-Plane update. X-Plane wasn't used between 25th and 26th Aug. Hence, the iOS update cannot be ruled out. (However, 9.3.5 was only a security-focused update, so this feels unlikely.)

Platform: iPhone 4S (model MD257NZ/A); capacity 64GB (available 36 GB); iOS 9.3.5

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We did realize after releasing the update that the planes were set to max take off weight, so there will be some handling issues until the next update fixes that bug. The new update was a massive overhaul so it could be possible the phone is now having a hard time keeping up with it. Unfortunately the update requires a but more CPU power.
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Thank you for the info. Marking 'answered'.

I do sincerely hope that the iPhone 4S will still be ok to run the latest version.

Thanks for an awesome product! :)