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Hi, i'm having a frustrating issue with XP10, i actually set it up (for the first time) running just fine yesterday. After playing around with the graphics and flying with an addon-plane, i suddenly got a bluescreen and decided to leave it be for that night.

so today my XP just won't start anymore. it just crashes after several minutes in the loading screen.


I tried to remove some of the files in Output/Preferences(to theoretically reset graphics settings) , moved the main folder from c:/user/documents to desktop, attempted to install the game again, none of which worked.


Attempting to install from dvd using the installer from the website also doesn't work as installation always breaks down, most of the time it tells me "invalid argument".


Would be sooo happy if somebody could help.

imageDownload file


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has a crash report been generated?

Like the one described in the following guideline :

"FOR ALL CRASH REPORTS include the .rpt file in Output/Crash Reports if the automatic crash reporter came up"

PS : I was thinking.. could it be caused by a recent GPU update?
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unfortunately none was generated :(

no i haven't updated my GPU in quite a while now, will try if updating helps tomorrow