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Hi, I've recently built a new pc, specs below but everytime i open x-plane 11 the system crashes.

Asus Z370 Motherboard
Intel core i5-8600k cpu @ 3.6GHz, Overclocked to 4.3
16Gb Ram
Zotac GTX1070TI 8GB Graphics Card

I initially built the pc with a GE Force GT710, xplane and windows 10 loaded on the SSD but the FPS was less than 2 and barely ran, thats when i swapped it for a GTX 1070TI. I'm using 3 monitors.

I've downloaded the latest GPU Drivers from GE Force, but i cannot work out why it wont run. i cleared the preferences as i heard this could cause an issue, the system opened and i managed to get into the settings tab before starting the flight, as a precaution i changed all the options (rendering, etc)to minimums but when i clicked to start flight the thing froze again, giving around 0.2 FPS at this point. i also had my task manger running in the background and it showed my CPU max out at 100%, i had to exit the program to clear it off.

Any ideas what i can do to get it working, i think the hardware i have is sufficient enough but please correct me if im wrong,

1st time pc build, and first time sim user.


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Thats almost a full point on the overclock...You might be overheating your cpu and its shutting down....overclocking is very bad.....everyone pays a price with overclocking......
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it was the same before overclocking, hence trying that route, however i don't think that's causing the issue. its made no difference. on the bios thats only stage 1 too. any other ideas?
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Hi Joshb11

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but I have a couple of questions/observations at this stage:-

1. Where have you installed the X-Plane 11 root directory, the SSD or the HDD?

2. If you have installed it on the SSD, which presumably is still your main operating C: Drive, how much storage space is taken up?

3. Could any anti virus/malware protection programs be running in the back ground to slow your PC?

4. What resolution are you running your three monitors?

5. Have you 'stress tested' your PC, if not, it may be worth going to the following URL and downloading a little program called CPUID CPU-Z. Once downloaded, run it to see the results? It's free!!

6. Could you upload a copy of your X-Plane 11 Log.txt file to this post, so that I and others more knowledgeable than me can take a look and determine what's causing your X-Plane 11 to crash or freeze?

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Hi Greengolfer15

X-Plane is installed on the SSD, and yes so is the main operating system, currently showing 114GB Free out of 222GB.

no antivirus running, only windows defender.

The monitor resolutions are: 2 X 1920 * 1080, and 1 X 1366 * 768.

How long should it be stress tested for? i downloaded the program you recommended above, ran the bench test which took about 30 seconds but when i ran the stress test it didn't stop, i ran it for about 5 minutes then stopped it. 

log below.


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Once you've run the 'stress CPU test', which you can run for as long as you like, you can click on 'Tools' and then on 'Save report as .txt'. After that, open up the .txt file and look through for any obvious problems, such as overheating etc.

Other than that, you could always go to this web site and test your PC online:-, per the screen prints below.

As far as your Log.txt file is concerned, these were the final entries before X-Plane 11 transitioned to shutdown:-

0:02:29.552 I/OVR: User is leaving the holodeck.
0:02:30.374 I/WIN: Opened window menu bar
0:02:30.374 I/WIN: Opened window Replay overlay
0:02:39.796 I/ATC: Aircraft p=1 () started at EGLL:457 Royal Suite
0:02:39.796 I/FLT: Init dat_p1 type:loc_ram apt:EGLL start at:457 Royal Suite
0:02:39.796 I/ATC: p=2 (I-GLDR) Popup FP filed to EGLL at 5000 via , type=2
0:02:39.796 D/ATC: Validating altitude for p=2 (I-GLDR): filed: 5000 usable_rte_dist: 9.080980 maxDescent: 2000 maxAlt: 3000 minAlt: 5000 chosen_alt: 3000
0:02:39.796 D/ATC: p=2 (I-GLDR): Cleared IFR
0:02:39.796 I/FLT: Init dat_p2 type:loc_specify_lle lat:51.659103 lon:-0.547084 ele(ft):5000.000038 psi:21.000000 spd(kts):113.250005
0:02:39.796 D/ATC: p=2 (I-GLDR): Fly Heading: 22
0:02:39.796 D/ATC: p=2 (I-GLDR): Maintain 2998ft
0:02:39.796 I/ATC: Aircraft p=2 (I-GLDR) started airborne as an arrival at 51.659103, -0.547084, 81.516251
0:02:39.796 I/ATC: Aircraft p=3 () started at EGLL:457R
0:02:39.796 I/FLT: Init dat_p3 type:loc_ram apt:EGLL start at:457R
0:02:48.968 D/ATC: p=2 (I-GLDR): Fly Heading: 127
0:02:48.968 D/ATC: p=2 (I-GLDR): Maintain 2998ft
0:02:48.968 I/ATC: ASK-21Mi LDR, Fly heading 1 3 0, vectors for the visual approach runway 27L, descend and maintain 3 thousand.
0:03:48.322 I/SIM: Exiting the sim without confirmation
0:03:48.322 I/SIM: Exiting the sim without confirmation
0:03:56.882 D/STM: Transitioning from state state_Normal to state_ShuttingDown

I apologise, but I can't determine anything specifically from this, but it may mean something to you, or another more knowledgeable simmer?? 


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Thanks, I ran that test for the pc and it came up with an issue on the SSD memory, I deleted x-plane and re installed Europe maps only and problem solved, max graphic settings on all subjects and still getting in essence of 60fps. Thanks for your help.
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Great news :-)

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Kind regards and good flying!