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hello.  I have been trying to figure this out all day.   first started by an addon not working. I contacted him and he said it was an xlua error. He told me to disable any lua plugins i had and try again. I did that with no success.   while i was testing this addon, I noticed that any aircraft using XLUA including the default shipped with x-plane has the same error which is "error code = 1114".   i'm not sure how to fix this as i do not know where xlua files are or a download is and from what i remember, XLUA is default with X-Plane 11.  I will attach my log.txt file on here.  I hope I can get this resolved.  Thanks!

imageDownload file


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If you're having problems with a specific add on, I'd recommend removing anything else that's not part of the default sim. So all other plugins or custom scenery, etc. Then see if the issue remains. If not, then one of the things you removed was causing it and you'll need to figure out which one it was by adding them back one at a time.