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The references of ILS and VOR radios are not correct in Argentina. Please review this information to make an update with the correct data. Unable to navigate under ILS conditions. Thank you very much.
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This is the main problem: the ILS signal is not recorded, for SANT 109.90. I have checked this in several airports.
The second problem is that the VOR stations of the XPL11 do not measure for Argentina a distance greater than 50 NM. Example: VOR SNT (SANT) 114.10, has a range of 136 NM.
Both problems I did not have with the XPL10.

I add the log.txt file for verification.

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It would be very surprising that the whole country is covered with wrong data. Most of the time, there are slight mistakes in frequencies or locations. Sometimes, it's the airport that is badly placed.

If you are sure to know the correct location (a glide antenna is placed with very strict rules for instance), you can report that directly here, which might be faster :

It requires to be logged in.

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Guillaume AMELINE (not affiliated with Laminar Research)
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I use the software too, and I didn't find any difference between simulator and charts data. Can you say the stations and freq. you say are wrong?,

PS: Podrías enumerarlas para revisar. ¿Con qué referencia las cotejas?.