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I have had X-Plane 11 for about 2 weeks. Everything was fine until I tried to download a free plane. Somewhere along the line I must have checked a wrong box. Now every time I click on the X-Plane start Icon it sends me to the box where I have to either have to enter my product key or check demo. Steam did not give me a product key so I can no longer access the full simulator. Please help me get back to my full version! Thanks

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If you ever tried to use the proprietary X-Plane installer with a Steam install, it will mess up the DRM. We hope to patch our installer to not recognize any Steam installs in order to avoid this in the future because it's an easy mistake.

For now I'd recommend doing a full un-install and re-install through Steam. I'm not sure of any other, shorter fix for the DRM.
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You may be able to just run an update through Steam to restore it. You may need to manually check for updates so that Steam will scan the install and realize something's wrong.
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Maybe a cache verification?
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Uninstalled and reinstalled. Works fine now. Thanks for your help!