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I am using X Plane on an Apple iPad. I am a pilot so I know how a Cessna 172 handles. When coming in for a landing on the App it is way way too sensitive. It is almost impossible to land. If I adjust one way or the other it swings wildly back the other way creating an oscillation that is impossible to control. Is there some way to adjust this? The App is not useable if this can't be adjusted.

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The gyroscopes in modern devices are pretty sensitive to slight movement, so it will be quite a bit different than using a joystick or yoke on a computer. You can try recalibrating the device during your flight by tapping the menu icon in the top right corner & going into the settings screen. Tap the recalibrate button there, adjust your angle and save and return to your flight. This really only helps if you are having problems with pitch though.

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