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Hello, I have problems to handle the two-finger controls of X-Plane mobile version. Whether zoom in/out or turning outer knobs, the usage of two fingers is mandatory. However, it is too sensible and it is hard to select of focus something. When I remove my fingers from the screen, the game is too sensitive and focuses somewhere else. This is really annoying and prevents from enjoying a great experience of the simulator. How shall I proceed to lower finger sensitiveness ?

See this example which depicts the issue:

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It is not possible to adjust the sensitivity of the touch gestures at this time. I will pass the feedback along.
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Try lifting one finger after movement starts, then other finger when correct value/position. Will continue as a 2-finger entry so long as it began as such. Works on my iPhone anyway.

[Update] Fingers needn't be placed together, if that helps. You can select/hold control finger, then simply ensure another finger touches screen elsewhere before movement. Once movement, either finger may be lifted. With a little practice, easy enough to avoid cluttered areas. Focus on placing second finger in blank area, then lifting first finger early if that's in congestion. It's such a flexible system, the first finger doesn't even need to be the one on the control. You'll get it.