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 I have been running XP11 for sometime now and love the si. I am big in downloading scenery and downloads. This evening I downloaded the KHOU & Downtown Houston Scenery and a KBMT airport scenery. When I loaded the sim my frames dropped and the sim crashed. When I try to restart XP11 the sim crashes at the loading screen saying "X-Plane 11.exe has stopped working". I have deleted the scenery files in hoping it fixed the problem. I also went through and did this. 

  1. Run the updater. If you've modified a file by accident it will ask if you want to replace it. Say yes.
  2. Delete all of the files in Output/preferences.



I do not want to re download xp11 and lose all my payware and downloads. I really do not want to start from scratch and rebuild the sim I love so much.


I just reinstalled x-plane and moved all my working downloads. it still crashed.




Here is the log!


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The last line of your log.txt says that it crashed because of the x-life plugin.  Try removing that.  Cheers.