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My frame rate is about 15fps-20fps, when in flight in a non heavy scenery area eg sea, my sim crashes repeatedly.

It seems to be happening most with the most recent updates. This issue never occurred before. Please help!


Dan Crowe

Win 10, 64 bit, XP11 (up to date)

AMD Fx 6350 Six-Core processor

8gb ram

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I can help you with your framerate.

1)Go to your Preferences folder in output, and delete/replace everything in that folder to another folder on your desktop. You do have to re configure your controls, but it should increase your FPS.

2)Download the newest FlyWithLua plugin, put that into your plugins folder. Then download the Auto_LOD plugin and put that into your FlyWithLua scripts folder. This should also help with your FPS.

I've done both of these things and my FPS has increased with 20/30 fps...

Also, maybe the problem with the XP crashes is that your Main X-Plane 11 folder is in some other folders called like: Games, or Flightsim. Laminar suggest that you don't do that, so if you have done that, place your X-Plane 11 folder on your Desktop. I've done that too 1 week ago, and haven't had any crashes.

I hope some of this has helped you!


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Cheers Bas, I will try this now. I store Xplane on an external drive to keep memory down on my C: drive. Does the same advice about file location apply on the E: drive?


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I Tried this but the LOD plugin is not appearing. FPS is marginally faster, I will test a flight to see how I get on airbourne. 


Flying JD A320.




Dan Crowe

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Here is the debug text it that helps, massively appreciate your help mate!


Dan Crowe



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I don't know if it applies to when you have an external drive, your E: drive...  


Have you correctly installed FlyWithLua, and the newest version of it? Same for the Auto-LOD plugin?

This might help, you do need to translate it, or you can read German ;)
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Not sure it wants to work with xplane 11