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Using an Opencockpits MCP v3, SIOC, uipcx, and the dataref "sim/cockpit2/autopilot/autothrottle_enabled"


The switch on the MCP is referenced to that dataref - sending a value of 0 when off, value 1 when on.


When the switch is moved to the 'Arm' position:

The Autothrottle switch does not move in the X Plane cockpit

The Autothrottle Arm light does not illuminate

The SPD button LED illuminates in the X Plane cockpit


When the switch is moved down, to the 'off' position:

The same occurs as above, except the LED on the SPD button in the X Plane cockpit extinguishes.




1) Is there a specific data ref which refers to the position of the A/T Arm switch?

2) If not, does the default 737 accurately map the functions of the switch - or does the switch simply act as a 'gate', only allowing SPD button illumination when on?

3) If no data ref for the 'Arm' switch, is it safe to assume the Autothrottle Arm switch functionality is coded into the actual aircraft model rather than the general X Plane datarefs?





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