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When will we be able to use a real 3d HUD in 3d cockpit in x-plane ? (Question from a french pilot sorry if my english is not very good)
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What is being asked is a HUD for the THREE-DIMENSIONAL version of a cockpit. If you add a HUD in plane maker, it ONLY shows in the 2D cockpit.

How do you add a HUD to a 3D cockpit? That is the question.

Even if you build a 3D cockpit (obviously a prerequisite), adding a HUD in plane maker will not show it in the 3D cockpit. So how is it done?
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Exact thank you ghun1 !

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Still waiting for an answer ...
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I'm not sure what you're looking for--X-Plane includes by default a HUD view option. It's under the View menu > change (internal) > forward with HUD. If this isn't what you're asking for, please provide a reference image.
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I mind with this kind of effect, directly integrate to the cockpit 

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This one is juste an alpha who never been finish
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It looks like that HUD attachment has been added in Plane Maker. An in-cockpit HUD would be available (see X-Plane 10's F-4 or F-22) by adding it to any aircraft in Plane Maker. This is not something that is available to add to aircraft at will inside the sim.