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I run the updater again and I acivated beta update, but I still have the same problema,appears the message

Couldn`t load the sound Bank!.........." and xp crash.I attach the log.txt

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I would also try and delete (or move for backup) the "X-plane 11/output/preferences" folder, see if it solves the problem.

Reading through this page might give you more ideas :

You have many third party plugins and addons, which makes troubleshooting very difficult. If you can, try to install a second clean copy of X-plane and add one by one your addons. There could be one guilty addon, or a combination of several addons not working well together.
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Problems with xassing and flywithlua in last update xp v1.02
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Hello, with the xorganizer I have disabled all the plugins, and then I have enabled them one by one, and I have only had problems with the xassing and the FlyWithLua. I am very grateful for the help you are giving me.

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The most efficient would be to report the problem to the developer of X-assign.

If you have installed FlyWithLua manually, you should also report the problem to the developer of FlyWithLua.

All the best with that.