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Longtime FSX user appearances lead me to turn to x plane..right now huge mistake, I am using x 52 joystick I have yet to complete a flight between a/c overpitching and autopilot not working, and I cant even just fly around because I lose control of a/c after takeoff end up in spin and crash, doesn't matter payware a/c or the a/c that came with the game.  Please help I dont want this to be a waste of money just to go and buy fsx.

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Hi, i've seen somewhere that the problem comes from X52 software.

As far as I remember, I saw a better thread with a link to a fixed software but I can't find it right now..

Advise us if it solves the problem.
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Hi nvypapag,

Further to the answer provided by amelingu, I understand Logitech, the new owners of Saitek , have recently upgraded some of the software related to flight sim hardware.

The link can be found at  To gain access you will have to scroll down the page to just near the bottom.  The updates are in alphabetical order. You will have to select the 64 bit download version for it to work with X-Plane 11.  When you find the software you will also see an update for X-Plane .

To see what the software supposedly does, click the "plus" symbol which changes to a "cross" and the info is subsequently provided.  

Hope it helps