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I have been flying round the world in a light aircraft.  I keep losing the output to my Saitek yoke, instrument panels and autopilot after about 1 hour.  The failure settings are set to never including the checkbox bottom left of that setting screen.  Without constant "save Situation", I would be unable to complete the 3 hour legs of my flight plan.  As it is, I have lengthy recovery as I have to start with the default aircraft/location with a lengthy scenery load then have to select load situation where another lengthy load time is involved.  I have asked for the startup screen to include "load situation" to speed things up.


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Hi James,

Does this happen every time you fly? Is it with all aircraft or only specific one(s)? Does it happen when you perform the same flight--could it be a scenery issue? Can you start tracking your flight times to see if it's consistently happening at 1 hr, etc?

If you'd be willing to try to narrow down exact steps to see this happen each time, we can try to reproduce it and investigate further.

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