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X-plane 9

I am running X-plane 9 on a Hudl.  Version  1.

I am aware this combination is not the latest, but having got the application up and running it performs as well as could be expected.

My problem is launching the application on this platform.

Launching the X-plane 9 App without an Internet Connection results in hanging, indicating “Loading”.

Exiting the App, Forcing a Stop then re-launching the App with an Internet Connection and everything is fine. X-plane 9 runs perfectly.

Subsequently, Exiting the App, Disconnecting the Internet (Wi Fi off), then re-launching X-plane 9 and everything is fine. X-plane 9 runs perfectly.

Having once launched X-plane 9 with Internet Connected, it no longer requires it.

Switching the Hudl off and the launch problem returns.

I have read elsewhere that on installed on a device, Internet connection is not required. This does not appear to be true in my case. Does anyone have any constructive comments, please.

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Sorry everyone, I think I have found the answer on the main site.

The App requires Internet Connection 'briefly' from time to time in order to check licencing issues.

Then it no longer requires a connection.