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I bought this program a long time ago to help with my training. I don't believe i ever updated it. I pulled it out of the closet and loaded it on the computer. which is x-plane 9.00 beta-1. I checked for updates and it said the newest update for it was 8.64. I tried it thinking i had missed something and it rendered the flight sim inop. I have sense reloaded the flight sim and it works with what comes off the disk but the update is still saying the newest software is 8.64. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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A brief search for "updating x-plane 9" on google offered this to me (as the top choice in the list):

I am sure that you must have tried that?

If that doesn´t work, then I am also at a loss. Except of course for the advice to get with the program and get X-Plane 10, it is just sooooo much better!

Good luck, Jan