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Two days ago, I bought a brand new, custom built, gaming system for hopes to use as an in home flight sim.  This computer is using an AMD 8 core gaming system, has 16GB of system memory, a 2TB hard drive, and Windows 10...  I purchased the brand spanking new version of XP11, and the thing constantly crashes my computer.   I've tried to update the XP11 files, and have reinstalled graphics card drivers as some threads have suggested to do, all to no avail...

Anyone else got any ideas?
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Hi, can you include your X-plane 11/log.txt?

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Please provide a copy of the log.txt found inside the main X-Plane folder. If the auto report form comes up, be sure to fill it out and send it in.

If the computer is shutting down after trying to use X-Plane, it isn't us - an app can't restart the machine with out the graphics card or hardware failing.

Our best guess is that the power supply isn't set up to handle the load from all hardware running at once and we're the first app to make the GPU draw a lot of amps.