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Hi, I have a simulator with 4 outside view screens and one instruments screen. My main computer is very powerful and is running X-Plane10 64 bit and controls the Port (Left) screen and both front view screens. A second computer runs the starboard (Right) view screen and 3rd computer runs the instruments only screen. All machines have X-plane 10 discs in.

Computers 2 and 3 have 32 bit versions of X-plane 10 and are networked to the main 64 bit machine. Am I likely to have any problems with the communications between machines as one computer is running 64 bit and the other two are running 32 bit versions of X-Plane 10?

Your help is appreciated.


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Hi Philip,

Can I ask why you are using different versions of the program on different computers? Are computers 2 & 3 too old to run the 64 bit version?
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Computers 2 and 3 are older by about 3 years. My original sim was single screen running on my 32 bit copy of X-Plane. When I bought my super computer I was advised to buy and run the 64 bit version. I then learned that X-Plane will only allow users to run a maximum of 3 screens on one machine. So, I already have 1 machine running 64bit and 1 running 32 bit. I'm a trainee pilot and not that much of a computer expert and have no idea if the older machines will even run 64 bit X-Plane and it seems a waste of money to dump the existing 32 bit version I already have.


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X-Plane 10 comes with both 32 & 64 bit programs by default, so you should be able to use either one on your newer machines. Our developers believe running the 32 bit version & 64 bit version on separate computers should work. If you try it and encounter problems, let us know.

Here is a FAQ that has a lot of information about the differences between 32 & 64 bits, but it basically comes down to 32 bit programs running out of memory sooner. The two versions should run basically the same otherwise.