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I've tried creating exceptions for the METAR file type in Windows Defender, and turning Defender off completely before running X Plane, but it didn't work. It just runs up to 50% downloaded, leaps to 100%, and starts again, until eventually it says it's failed. I've tried a fresh install and still no joy. I've attached the log file for the newer install. Would really appreciate some help with this. 

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The log file says it all: Did you try to download these files manually?

0:00:21.189 E/NET: Download failed with http error: 404 for URL http://nomads.ncep.noaa.gov/cgi-bin/filter_gfs_1p00.pl?dir=%2Fgfs.2017073012&file=gfs.t12z.pgrb2.1p00.f003&lev_700_mb=1&lev_250_mb=1&var_UGRD=1&var_VGRD=1
0:00:21.302 E/WXR: Download of http://nomads.ncep.noaa.gov/cgi-bin/filter_gfs_1p00.pl?dir=%2Fgfs.2017073012&file=gfs.t12z.pgrb2.1p00.f003&lev_700_mb=1&lev_250_mb=1&var_UGRD=1&var_VGRD=1 failed with 2:404 (HTTP Error 404 (File Not Found)) at Sun Jul 30 17:44:12 2017
0:00:21.724 E/NET: Download failed with http error: 404 for URL http://www.ftp.ncep.noaa.gov/data/nccf/com/gfs/prod/gfs.2017073012/WAFS_blended_2017073012f06.grib2
0:00:21.902 E/WXR: Download of http://www.ftp.ncep.noaa.gov/data/nccf/com/gfs/prod/gfs.2017073012/WAFS_blended_2017073012f06.grib2 failed with 2:404 (HTTP Error 404 (File Not Found)) at Sun Jul 30 17:44:12 2017
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I worked out what the problem was: the date and time settings on my computer were wrong.
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What exactly does that mean: "The log file says it all: did you try to download these files manually?"?  Are those the wrong files?

I can't get real weather and the program that I paid good money for says that I should be able to just that.  BTW, my date and time are set correctly, before anyone asks.
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i was just having he same problem and searched everywhere trying to fix it.. like @boogaloo2 said you just got check and edit your computer time and date. mine was set to the wrong time zone but correct time somehow, once i fixed it everything began to work
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I'm having the exactly same problem.

I've checked my computer time and date, but it didn't work for me.

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