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I start my flights from KPNE and have previously installed retail purchases of HD scenery for KPNE and KPHL that are working fine. I have downloaded satellite images of Philadelphia and the surrounding area using Google maps downloader 8.408 zoom level 17. Images were 256x256 I do not see any of the Google satellite images appear. I have been troubleshooting and note that the folder is seen by X-Plane and does load but does not display. I note one error in the X-Plane log:

0:00:53.717 I/DSF: Warning for missing scenery file: +39-074

I have attempted removing the KNPE and KPHL custom scenery folders and experimented with the load order without success.

Attached are two X-Plane logs with flights starting at different airports, the scenery_packs.ini, and a screen shot of the Custom Scenery folder. Below is more detailed information of the acquisition and preparation of the images. Any help is appreciated and I will supply any information requested.


I downloaded the satellite images of Philadelphia and the surrounding area using Google maps downloader 8.408 zoom level 17. Images were 256x256. I then used ImageTool X 1.1.10 to convert jpg to DDS1.  DDS images were comprised of 64 jpg images, 8x8,  resulting in  images of 2048x2048 pixels. The overall area covered had 45 East to West columns and 50 North to South rows of DDS tiles for a total of 2250 DDS images. Northern most latitude was 40.48873742 and southernmost 39.647997 . The western and eastern longitudes were -75.701294  and   -74.71252441 respectively. I used Photoscenery X 1.5 to prepare the DDS images for use in X-Plane 11 . I selected new mesh, entered the coordinates for the entire area and named the scenery files PHILADDS1 . Once the preparation was completed I moved the DDS images into the \X-Plane 11\Custom Scenery\PHILADDS1\textures folder.

imageDownload file

imageDownload file

imageDownload file


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Hi, what is inside yout 00_disabled folder?

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That is a folder created to hold an original file/folder set of this conversion without having it load. The technique used I got from: 

Thomas Rasmussen

on this YouTube presentation (very good)

Actual folder structure is

\X-Plane 11\Custom Scenery\00_Disabled\x_PHILA_DDS1

Earth nav data  - with original data

terrain   - with original data

textures - empty



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I am very surprised about that technic.
Can you just try and cut/paste this 00_disabled folder somewhere else? And then restart X-plane? If it doesn't work, put it back in place like you've seen in the tutorial.

Other than that, these are third party paywares, so I would recommend contacting the developers of these items instead. Hard to tell how these files are structured without being able to manipulate them.

This forum is for X-plane 11 default install.

Good luck with this,
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I have tried your suggestion but did not get a different result. I have contacted the developer who is working with me to resolve this and I will report back with any helpful information. Thanks for your input.