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Hello -- my 11 year old son is getting this set up -- we have configured the yoke just fine in XPlane -- but we can't get the throttle quadrant to get configured. We have installed the drivers -- but we to a point there is an image of a usb going into a plug -- and I can't get it to go past that screen. Is there anything else we can try?

I have searched the board (which got me to get the drivers for the yoke and throttle quadrant installed 1 x 1).

Any help will be much appreciated.

Marie & Victor
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Confirm you installed the latest drivers from Saitek website?

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The Saitek Throttle quadrants I've used have come as a set, so the throttle actually plugged directly into the yoke, and not the computer. Is yours a set like this or did you purchase it separately?

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