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After purchasing and loading the REP version of C172, I find that the throttle quadrant controls (mixture and throttle) move about half way and then stop and will not move again.  I can still use the mouse to operate them.  If I load a different plane (e.g. Airfoil Labs C172) the throttle quadrant works fine.

This is very disappointing after spending US20 on the REP version and should have been picked up in your QA checks.

I am working on the latest iMAC 27 in and attach the log.txt file.

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Hi Anthony,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

As you can run the Airfoils Lab C172 aircraft from a 3rd party tells me X-Plane is not the problems.

Others will tell you as well to take your problem back to the seller or developer of the product you are having problems with at the moment as it is a 3rd party addon product.