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When trying to import any apt.dat files, this includes using the global airport drop down in WED and also trying to import apt.dat that I have downloaded from the website, WED finishes the import and then closes itself without warning.

The crash happens as soon as the import window closes after importing, and even happens if I close the window before any import.

I also get the same crash after trying to update airport metadata. It seems that WED is not only closing the window involved with the import, but also closing WED itself.
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Hi, confirm it's WED 1.6r1? What is your operating system?
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Hi. Yes 1.6r1. I have also tried previous versions, the only one that seemed to work without shutting down was 1.0r1. But this won't allow me to import apt.dats created in later versions.

I am running windows 10 pro.

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Can you look for "TeamViewer" on this page, and see if the crash report and comments help you solve your problem?

Make sure you are in the "Scenery tools (including WED)" tab, when looking for the bug report.
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Ah thank you. Closing TeamViewer stops the crash. Is this being looked into as to why this is caused?
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I can't tell you more than what's written on the report, because I'm not from Laminar Research, but I understood that they will correct it when they find out why..
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Thanks for your help and quick responce.
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I am extremely grateful for this advice, shutting down Teamviewer made my nightmare disappear!

As a beginner, you always look for own mistakes, errors, misunderstandings in the first place. I watched several hours of video tutorials, but whenever they came to the point of importing an apt.dat file, I felt desperate because I could not discover what the guys must have done different than myself... Never got the airports loading... WED always kept shutting down without any comment or message...

Imagine my relief now after finding this post about a funny, strange and weird incompatibility with some background process of an application totalls unrelated to WED...

Wish everybody a good night,