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I have a brand new good med-spec Win10 computer (C-Drive240Gb SSD, and D-Drive 2TB Hard Drive) and  loaded FSX - which I no longer want (except maybe as a standby). I've now downloaded the XP11 Demo onto the same C-Drive and wish to purchase the full programme. I think I'd prefer to use the D-Drive which is labelled "DATA." How do you advise I proceed before I screw up (I tend to make too many mistakes early on!).

I note that the main website D/L instructions say to load "ON TOP" of the Demo, but the online manual says to "REMOVE ALL DEMOS" - so straightaway I'm confused. Help please. Charles

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Hi, you can install X-plane on D: as long as you are sure there is no permission issue.

After installing it, you can still cut/paste the whole X-plane 11 somewhere else. Everything is installed in the same folder.

About uninstalling the demo first, I don't think it's required but I would personnaly do it.

Regards and welcome to X-plane world!