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My X-Plane 11 installer was working fine the first time. I got to install it and pick my drive. But when I was about to reinstall it, I opened the installer and I saw that it said I am going to upgrade my X-Plane 11 demo, to the full version. This was not the case, I was installing it fully without a demo. I clicked continue on the welcome page and it skipped top the file scan and it was on my C drive which doesn't have enough storage and I couldn't get it to my D drive. Please help, thanks.

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Hi Cooljammer,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

Have you solved your problem?

Although I understand you want to run X-Plane on your "D" drive I remain confused on what has happened.

1.  What version of X-Plane are you trying to run?  Is it the true, genuine, original and official version created and developed by Laminar Research or the 3rd party modified hybrid version created by somebody else?

2.  What is your operating system?

3.  Why,have you, or did you, run the X-Plane installer file again?  

4.  Are you still in the "Installer" phase"?  If so then attach your "X-Plane Installer log.txt" file

5.  Alternatively if you are in the "full installation" phase then attach you "log.txt" file.

Both  files are generated immediately after there is a system crash or you deliberately shut down.  Details on how to attach the files can be found from the details provided by Greengolfer15 found in the following link at 


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Hi Cooljammer,

What is your current status?  Have you solved your problem?