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I sometimes have to go away for a week or so at a time and use a gaming laptop while away, but at home I use a dedicated gaming pc, I'm worried now after seeing your message after purchase that the key is for one device only, this is very alarming as I might not have gone ahead with the purchase if I had known this in advance, obviously only one of my computers will be online playing the game at any one time, so can you tell me how do I go about making sure I don't kill my key by using 2 pc's at different times, no one else has access to my computer equipment.



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Hi, yes. 1 product key = 1 instance running at a time.
You can also install a second copy on the same computer, as long as there is only one copy running at once. So, there is no problem.
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Ah thanks for the answer big relief that, most software these days runs like that, multi pc install but only one instance at a time, great news tks
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thnx for this help full answer