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hey , 

So I'm trying to run X-plane 11 and I'm stuck at around 40 % CPU usage and very strange GPU usage....


As you can see in afterburner the GPU usage is all over the place.. Is that a known issue or not? Now I know that my pc isn't very good but the GPU usage is strange if it was to bottleneck the CPU wouldn't it just be peeked at 100% all the time? Does anyone have any tips on how to fix this?

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Performance management is going to be improved a lot, little by little, over the next year.
A huge quantity of code has to be rewritten, and Laminar Research is a very small team. You can be certain they are doing everything they can to optimise X-plane.
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This is a related thread that you might be interested in reading (with an answer made by someone from Laminar Research).


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