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CPU usage very high 65-75% - GPU 40-45% and heat 75-82c. Using 35 threads

Laptop - new Alienware

Intel I7-7700HQCPU@2.8GHZ

Ram16GB usable 15.9- 64 bit

NVIDA GeForce GTX 1070

Installed X-Plane 11 on D drive

FPS 70-80 way to high

I tried to lower it but using rendering options I could not improve anything. See attached screenshot of rendering options.

Please help. Thanks. Chickencanfly

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I have the same issue and exactly the same setting you do.

Very high CPU use indeed.

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Whats your problem, then?

Too high FPS ???

Be happy to have 70-80 :)

Low FPS is a problem - below 25.

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