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I'm using XP10.5 (64-bit) with the following hardware:

MacBook Pro (13-inch, Late 2016), Processor: 3.3 GHz Intel Core i7, Memory: 16GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3, and Intel Iris Graphics 550 (Skylake) with 1536MB of VRAM

I get CPU usage of 0.029 and GPU usage of 0.018 on the IXEG 737 while up in the air, but only 30 FPS. No weather system is active at this moment. All skies are clear. See image below...

And these are my rendering options: (pretty boring)

Now, if I add some clouds to the mix while keeping the same rendering options as above, the FPS drops to around 20, while CPU and GPU usage goes up a little bit (0.038 and 0.035 respectively). Doesn't look like XP10 is making good use of my hardware. Why is that?

Recently, I have downloaded the XP11 Beta and while I didn't check the CPU and GPU usage and FPS count, it looked like this version is capable of rendering a much more complex graphical simulation with buttery smooth frame rates.

How come? Any ideas?

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Have you followed the manual's steps for optimizing X-Plane 10's rendering settings? There are a LOT more things to tweak manually in XP10 (which means a lot more things to potentially mess up as well). We are always making improvements with each update, so it could be that X-Plane 11 uses newer hardware and feature more efficiently.

Keep in mind that any change to scenery, weather, etc will have a cumulative effect. Drawing more clouds or buildings means X-Plane has to do more work in 360 degrees and may lead to a FPS drop.

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I can only comment that I have an iMac and struggled with version 10 to play with a decent graphic (very often it crashed).

I tried X-Plane 11 and I can really run smoothly, probably not at the maximum details, but nice and smooth.

I think they might have changed libraries because I can finally fly with  my ...iMac!

That is the reason I decided to buy X-Plane 11.