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xplane 11 atc is so basic makes the whole sim feel old, are you working on anything to improve this.

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Austin has some ATC changes planned for 11.10. It will mostly be a merge between the existing capabilities which are limited to towered airports & his new code for small, untowered airports.
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Thankyou for the information xplane 11 is a amazing simulator the attention to detail is flawless, the only downside is the ATC software which is very limited.

Will the xplane developers be rea designing the user interface of the atc and also giving it more functionality for example selecting different runways for take off and also changing direct to waypoint ?
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These don't sound like features we've discussed specifically. The UI matches the changes made overall for X-Plane 11, so I'm not sure what else would be redesigned. I believe navigation is usually handled with the GPS or FMC even while using ATC at airports or for vector approaches.