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I have X-Plane 11 Steam edition.

I am not happy with upgrade 11.02.

How can I return to 11.01?

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In general, once a version of X-Plane goes final, you cannot go back to the older version.

If you have the install from, you can only access an old version if you made a back up yourself, and did not ever update it. I don't know if it is possible to back up Steam game installs and return to those older versions or not.
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HI Pedro,

I am not associated with Laminar Research.

You have tapped into the x-plane forum for those who have purchased a Laminar Research version of X-Plane.  You should be asking your question on a Steam version forum if it exists.

Any steam version has been produced by a third party company taking a commercial advantage of all of the development work carried out by Laminar Research.  There is no link between Laminar Research and steam other than LR knowing it exists.  Normally you will get no support from Laminar Research but in your case you have been lucky with a comment from jroberts.  The DVD version of steam was released before Laminar Research released the official DVD version.  At that time the digital version was the only version available from Laminar.

Laminar Research provides an immediate update to a new version when you open X-Plane whereas I understand that a steam update may be "aged" by the time it is downloaded.    

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Hi jfer and Glenn,

Thank you for your comments.

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