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Hi, does anyone have a trim wheel or TPM throttle, or know where to get one? They're sold out everywhere.

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Hi Keenan,


I have a Cessna Pro Flight Wheel if you are interested.  They are sold out everywhere.  There are not cheap.

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Hi keegan,

The original manufacturers of the products you have enquired about were released by Saitek.

Saitek has been acquired by Logitech for some time now. Logitech is progressively running down the old stock world wide and making modifications to each new product item and then re-releasing.  The products you want are most likely in that transition.

They are making or have made changes to the software for each product and extended the warranty period for the product out to two years for some items.  Software updates for other products can be downloaded from the Logitech web site.  Not Saitek site.  I understand the software changes are an improvement for X-Plane users

Hope this solves your dilemma.

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So is saitek/logitech coming out with a new trim wheel and TPM?
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Hi Keegan,

I don't have the full answers to your problem(s).

My comment to you on what Logitech is up to is a general comment based on some positive comments in a Youtube video produced by another  "full-on" flight simmer who recently acquired another piece of Logitech equipment.  In the past this individual has been critical of the poor performance of particular Saitek products and has changed his mind to some extent with this particular item under the new ownership by Logitech..

My suggestion to you is contact Logitech at  and ask them your original question you raised in this forum and any other questions you may have.  No doubt you should advise on your location.  The link also provides  phone contacts. 

This is a X-Plane forum not another third party software or product forum.

Good luck in obtaining the items you seek.


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I have a Pro Flight Cessna Trim Wheel.  There are not many around.
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Hi there, I would love to buy that one.

How much would it cost?