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I am using the latest beta XP11, I fly general aviation that uses both my TRC TPM and my GoFlight TQ6. When I plug in the TPM by itself I am able to calibrate it and assign axis to throttle,prop, and mixture respectively and it functions normally. Then I plug in the TQ6, calibrate it and assign axis to Throttle1, Throttle 2, Prop 1....ect...when I click "done" it completely disables the TPM and the TQ6 to where I can no longer calibrate either one, rendering them both unusable.

  Is there a way to have both throttles plugged in and ready to use when switching back and forth between aircraft that use the proper throttle?

Thanks in advance

FRed Baron

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If any of the axes are assigned to the same thing, X-Plane will not function properly so it would not surprise me if that would "cancel them out." I am slightly surprised to hear that throttle and throttle 1 would cancel each other out, but it might be considered the exact same assignment by the sim.

For now, I would try setting the axes of the one that's not in use to "none" so there can be no confusion. See if that fixes it. It will require changing the assignments each time you want to switch joysticks. Or you could manually swap the joysticks in and out as needed--that might be less work overall for now. In the 11.10 update we will have a better work around for multiple joystick set ups that we will be announcing & explaining once it's in beta testing.
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Thanks for the reply, good news on including this in upcoming update, for now I decided to purchase a USB hub with on/off switches, should eliminate the need for all the un-plug/plugging in.


Thanks Again