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I want to upgrade from x plane 10.5 to x plane 11 but I have an expensive collection of aircraft and airports that I enjoy and do not want to lose.              Before I commit to x plane 11 I need to know the answer to this question.

x-plane 10 global  ,     64 bit

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Hi, most of the sceneries will work in X-plane 11 as well as in X-plane 10.

About Aircraft, it's a different story.

If an aircraft is made for X-plane 10.20 or greater, it will generally be compatible with X-plane 11.

The best thing to do is probably to keep your copy of X-plane 10 if you have enough space, just for backup in case the aircraft you want is still not updated for X-plane 11. Then you should check on the developers websites, or by directly contacting them if they do not provide the information, or on forums like X-plane.org.

This forum here is only for X-plane default install.

Then it really depends : some developers provide free update for X-plane 11, some don't, and some are still working on the update.

Best regards,

Guillaume AMELINE
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Maybe you can try the demo.
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Last I tried it, the demo did not allow third party addons, at least for airports. But it is worth giving it a try..

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