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I would just like to write if any developer would ever read this that I'm very happy with the last update that came to x-plane 10 mobile. The fmc on the md80 has been a delight. The only real request of mine would be if one day it could be taken into consideration to place a operational fmc in the boeing 737-800 model. Even a "copy and paste" from the md 80 would be plenty in this case for me. Thank you for taking the time to read through my comment regardless of being a developer or not, I hope you share the same views on this.

And if this really should be formulated as a question for this site sakes; Why isn't there a operational fmc placed in the boeing 737?
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Thanks for the kind words. We are planning to enhance every mobile aircraft so that they all have the same level of detailed functionality as the MD-80 does. I'm not sure where in the lineup the 737 is but it will be updated eventually.
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I'm incredibly glad to hear this, thanks so much for responding in such a short time. It would all be but a mistake to say that the customer support is sloppy for x-plane. This reponds has me left quite excited now, hopefully this will happen in the near future but I don't think I am allowed to complain at this point.

Thx again, mr. Pumpkin
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In the very most recent update was the fmc adder in the 737, couldn’t wish for more, thank you so much jroberts.