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This Thread is not a question at all but  instead a list of problems I found on xplane 10 mobile for android. Since I bought one plane I can confirm this is not only happening with the default one only. Sorry to post it there but I do not know some other places.

Issue :
1) when on map I select ILS  final plane is positioned in air, but its seems with speed near 0. Resulting an airplane and unusable for few seconds while airspeed increase slowly.

2) on map trying to select region scenery is sometimes impossible. Tapping one region does not have any effect, an last selected region remain selected.

Feature request :
1) a tool to invert vertical scrolling in cockpit view. The default behavior is confusing (scrolling up go up, down go down. On Android, all other app behave inverted). So while playing, and using reflexes, up go down and vice-versa and i'm lost in cockpit :-)

2) why not adding an option to pause simulation when showing map.

3) playing on 10" tablet, throttle command, rudder command are very small so using them. Can have unpredictable behavior, is moving few millimeters ruder seems to apply a very big move to it, same for throttle, using it very good gently can have a  change up to 30 % power more (or less).

4) a "mouse" sensitivity could be very great, using in-simulation map (zoom or move) or cockpit view can be very hard.

5) a sensitivity option can be added too. Playing with a tablet, phone (without pad on joystick) induce small movements interpreted by xplane as moves. But in fact those moves can be instead finger tapping screen or just some very small unwanted shakes. And those moves result in plane pitch/roll unwanted changes.

Hope this can help. I can provide more details or screenshots if needed.

Best regards.

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Thank you for your feedback. I have passed the information about the two issues along.
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and what about feature request :)

Is there a specific process for that ?
 Or it is just based on users feedback ?

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I think most people send those either through social media (X-Plane Official Facebook/Twitter) or the app store reviews. Don't worry, the whole post was seen. ;)
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For issue 1 the same thing happens to me so what I do is pause the flight and then look at the map.