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I currently run one computer driving three monitors. i7700k, 1080ti. In many situations out in the middle of nowhere I can get up to 30fps, maybe a bit more, on all three monitors. In populated areas with Ortho scenery my fps can drop below 20 on three monitors. Running one monitor with the side monitors selected as "unused" I can get 30-35 fps in the same populated areas and over 50 fps  in the middle of nowhere.

The question I have is, can I run the TWO side monitors, (60 degrees right - 60 degrees left), off of ONE slave computer to see what fps gains I get?

I know I can slave multiple computers, one for each monitor, but that gets expensive and I may be able to get what I need from a single powerful slave computer.


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You mean, PC#1 visual 1 and PC#2 Visual 2+3 ?... in that configuration visual 1 will have more fps than the other two. I guess will bring you some problems to synchronize them. (If it's even possible)

It's a good question.

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I believe ice_pdb is correct that you may still notice a frame rate difference depending on how demanding the scenery is and how much "drain" you have on the different computers.

Other than that, you can absolutely hook up any number of computers with any number of monitors and network it all together. I don't believe X-Plane has a limit. You can try it all with the demo to see if it does what you hope, but you will need to purchase a license for every computer you network together.