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I've been using XP11.02r2  for a couple of weeks with no problems.

I have Windows 10, 16gb ram, cpu @ 4.1ghz.
My video card is EVGA GTX 1060, single 24" 1920x1200 monitor.

I've been getting 35 fps and up on all my aircraft since I started with XPlane 11.

No crashes.

Suddenly today I start XP and I'm getting 5-7fps even in the default C172 at a sparse airfield (KTIW).

I have disabled all my plugins, rebooted several times and just ran the update which downloaded some updated files (not the beta).

I set every graphic slider all the way to the left - minimal - still no change.

I just rebooted and started XP again and still getting 6 or 7 fps.

What could have caused this and what can I do to recover?

The point is it happened overnight, yesterday 35++ fps , today 7-8 fps.

Thanks, attached log.txt


imageDownload file


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My apologies.

I reviewed the troubleshooting section of the XPlane manual and moved my xplane11/output/preferences folder to another location and restarted XPlane so it would recreate that folder.

Now getting 70++ fps.

So the question now is can I / should I try to determine which file in that folder is corrupt and copy the rest of the files back or just reconfigure all my keys/buttons/views, etc.?
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Hi, of course, you could still try to restore your key settings this way. As far as i remember, the file names are straightforward.