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I am using a Windows 10 system. After 3 months of successful use, X-plane 11 suddenly developed a black screen. Initially the screen flashed on and off, however now I only get the black screen. I still have audio though.

My screen works fine on all other applications, it seems to be a X-Plane 11 only issue.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi, any GPU driver update, recently?

Make sure you have no additional plugins that could cause that. One way to check that is either to uninstall all the third party plugins you could have installed, or to disable your plugins via X-plane plugin menu.

You could also test if this problem still occurs on a clean default install of X-plane. For this, you can install a second copy of X-plane, the installer would help you do that. All you need is 10 Gb of free space.
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Thanks for the info.

No changes to the computer. The only plug in I have is a C160, that I was added months ago. I am a computer idiot, so can you tell me how to access the X-Plane plug in menu? I cannot seem to locate it.

Also, I have a digital download of X-Plane 11. If I need to reinstall X-Plane, will that be an issue?
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To access the menu bar of X-plane, you need to reach the top of your screen with your mouse pointer, when the sim is running. (Not in the home screen)
You will find flight, views, etc... and plugins

It is rarely necessary to reinstall the whole sim but it's rather easy to do. You just need to remember your product key, which is asked regularly anyway.

X-plane interferes neither with system files nor with registry. Everything is inside the X-plane folder. Settings, screenshots, plugins and other additional products.

So it is easy to move, copy, backup, uninstall or install. The only constraint is :
1 licence = 1 instance running at a time

Moreover, it is very important to place X-plane somewhere you have no permission restrictions, in terms of file access.

You can find X-plane manual either in X-plane folder (I don't remember where precisely), or here :
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Thank you for your help.

I was unable to access X-Plane plug-ins as I could not access any portion of X-Plane after I hit the.exe key. I just get  "no signal" on my monitor. The only way to get out of it was to shut down the entire CPU.

I was able to download a second copy of X-Plane 11 on a external drive and that seems to work fine. It still troubles me that my original version doesn't work as all my progress will be lost.

Should I delete the original X-plane application, just in case?
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In that case, try and move for backup your X-plane 11\Output\preferences folder. (I am talking about your original install)

If this solves the problem, you can still try and restore the appropriate files to find back your key settings :

X-Plane Keys.prf

X-Plane Calibration.prf


X-Plane Joystick Settings.prf

I would do that file after file, in order to be able to isolate a corruped file, just in case it is one of these.