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My system specs are: 

CPU: Corei7 3930K
RAM: GSKILL 64GB RAM running at 1333Mhz
Screen: 3x Asus 24"

I'm trying to get X-plane 10 to run in full screen with no luck. X-plane runs fine in windowed mode, as soon as I select "run fullscreen at this resolution" it goes into fullscreen and then immediately BSOD PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA (ddkmd.sys) error appears and system restarts. 


1) The Installation folder on desktop is elevated with admin rights and permissions for full control.
2) All settings are default in X-plane (No addons, plugins)
3) Updated Nvidia Drivers to latest v361.43 and also tested it on an older v358.50 driver
4) Screen Resolution 5760 X 1200
5) Tried 32bit and 64bit version of X-plane 10 "run as admin" (same error)
6) Disabled all Antivirus and Security apps
7) Checked minidumps, all crashes happened after running X-plane 10

Attached log files of X-Plane:
Attached log files of BlueScreenView:

Anyone came across this issue? Finding a fix. 


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Hi hardahmed,

I also have Windows 10 and a Nvidia GPU, so I tried the resolution you listed but did not get a crash. The only reference to this I found at Microsoft's site was about USB drivers. Have you recently installed anything else that could be contributing? 

I will also notify our developers to investigate further.

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Our developers have no idea what's wrong in this case, but in general if the entire OS crashes (e.g. BSOD or the multi-lingual Kernel panic in OS X) then it's the graphics driver crashing.
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Hi Jroberts,
Just to update you. I have fixed the issue by getting a clean install of windows and updated nvdia drivers version 361.91 and installed All in one runtimes from sereby..  And made sure all controllers other than the flight stick was connected of coz also updating the flight stick driver. Thanks.