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Hello. I make my plane and began to deal with the FMOD sound. It turned out to adjust the internal sound. It sounds very good. But I can not watch out for external sounds. I put all the internal sounds on the External / Aircraft bus, I try to put the external (loud) sound of the engines on the bus External Enviroment, but when switching to the appearance of silence. Only when approaching two meters there is a sound, the same as in the cockpit. Tell me how to make a loud and volumetric sound of engines, as it happens in real airports. Thank you. Sorry for my English.

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Please make sure you have reviewed all the existing documentation and tips for designing FMOD sound in X-Plane, including this article and/or video tutorial. Based on your description, I don't think you're using the busses properly--I believe internal sounds should be on the Interior bus for example.

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the same problem here - I can't hear loud engines when outside view. I went thru the tutorial and got stuck. We need a deeper tutorial - please :)

Thank you Jennifer

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