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I've been trying for ages to get my opencockpit mcp module to work with xplane 737. As they are a well known hardware suppliers I was hoping that you would consider making a script using sioc. I'm sure that they would be pleased to have their hardware compatible with such an outstanding simulator such as xplane 11.
The free aircraft x737 has the ability to use the mcp.  It is quite disappointing when you are trying to create the best simulator you can on a budget.  Granted I should of done my research before buying the combination but I took it for granted that they would work together given that they are both great things that would obviously benefit each other.
Would I need prosim to link them if therequired is no script to use.
Thanks. ... barton18

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Have you tried contacting Opencockpit to see if they can help? Laminar Research would probably not be able to write a script using sioc.