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Whenever I fly the 3rd party add-on x737 by EADT and try to view the replay, X-Plane 11 crashes. I'm wondering if X-Plane crashes because of the custom datarefs that the x737 uses or if it's a fault with the game. I've seen youtubers watch the replay fine but it doesn't seem to work for me, xplane11 crashes when i try to view the replay of the x737. Does anyone else have this problem or something similar? Is there a fix?
[log.txt included]

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Your log shows you have X-Plane installed in the C: root folder. This is not recommended as it can cause permission issues. See this article on how to fix it.

Otherwise, if the problem only happens with the that specific plane, it is probably something the plane developers will have to look into. If they can find out what exactly causes it, they can then file a bug with LR to have X-Plane's developers look into it further if needed.

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This thread is maybe to old but i get crashes during replay. Not necessarily with the x737 but with the Zibo Mod B737-800X and other aircraft. I only use payware or third party aircraft. It happens quite regularly but not always. I have sent automatic crash reports since X-Plane 11.05 and I think before. I am on 11.11 now and still getting crashes.

I have X-Plane installed on Linux Mint in /home/username