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Retired USAF pilot and not doing any airliner or fancy fighter stuff.  Just basic stick and rudder and some IFR approaches.

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Hi, I don't think many of us can be 100% sure about it, but one thing is sure : in the unlikely event of an incompatibility between the joystick and X-plane, you could always report it here.
That being said, an Imac 2013 would be pretty old to run x-plane 11, and at the moment, x-plane performs better with Nvidia than AMD GPUs.

More information about the system requirements here:
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Just messing around with the X-Plane 11, it seems fairly nice.  Primarily just want to mess around with C-172/C-182, fly some approaches around different airports in various kinds of weather.  So I think my iMac should be okay just for that.  Also ordered a Logitech joy stick.  Used one of those flying Microsoft Flight Simulator and worked pretty well for what I wanted to do.  Appreciate your response.